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an ongoing list on

one) writing your heart out

open up a word document, a fresh page in your notebook wherever you scribble your thoughts
and ramble your way to 750 words.
[ feel free to ramble over 750 if you happen to strike gold! ]

take whatever is in your heart, or your head, or your stomach and write it out.
just keep writing and writing until you reach your goal.
it doesn't need to be the next masterpiece, just write and let it all out.


two) take a colour
and write about it from its brightest most vivid shade
fading into its dullest form
like a bruise.
try and work on your descriptions


three) 500 words or more
all dialogue.


four) free range.
here are some words and short phrases to get your
words flowing again

- evergreens
- fragments
- dormant, for now
- the very last time
- blue and greens
- "it got the better of him
- reasons that make no sense
- you killed it
- resonance/ate
- afterglow


one) write a fight scene between two people of the same sex.
but, it has to be in second person.
and at least 400 words.


two) write about a character at thee different stages in their life based around a single even
before- during- after.
no word limit


three) music prompt!
take a song or two that catches your attention
and write while/after listening to it.
here are the song this week!
(ill only write the titles, so you can find them however you choose)

* two door cinema club: undercover martyn
* the whitlams: curse stops here
* imagine dragons: radioactive
* david ford: stephen
* kimya dawson: tire swing
* audioslave: i am the highway
* john mayer: gravity


four) free range
here are some words and short phrases to get your
words flowing again

- " i wasn't allowed at the funeral"
- eight things that hurt more than a broken bone
- goodbyes never get easier
- "don't call it a comeback, kid."
- double negatives
- land locked
- the rainfall kid
- somewhere to level out
- the largest ocean in the world is resting in the pit of my stomach
- pleasepleaseplease, let me get what i want
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