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its only the first day of april
and you’ve already gotten your
god damned figner prints
all over it

i felt you this morning
a knot in my neck i couldn’t bend
or crack or shake out
and i put 13 teaspoons of sugar in my
coffee this morning
and it was still undrinkable

i think i resent you, for lingering
in all the shittiest ways

you've made me as fucking bitter
as you, you utter bastard.

you never learned that you didnt have to be
such a total fucking asshole to get what you wanted
out of this life.

i got further than you, with less talent and less ambition
but a lighter conscious.
so take that, fucker.

the worst lesson i ever learned was one i wish i learned second hand.
but no, the universe didnt feel like being gentle with me, and it was so fucking unpoetic,
and i felt like the universe has kicked me hard that i was literally eating dick. my own.
thanks universe, i hope you do the same you fuck.
napowrimo '15.
i still don't quite have words.
so i'm sorry for this dribble.
there were bruises.
paint gun splattters of aching on your arms and face
one perfectly fitting the contours of your cheeks.
you looked even more deathly than usual

how.. how on earth did those get there?

you shrugged

i don't know. and i dont want to talk about it.

that wasn't going to be an option
no. we're talking about this. it was him wasn't it. that little fuck-

dont talk about him like that.

my blood started bubbling
if this was his fault, then i think some name calling is more than in order.
he was drinking, wasn't he

i dont know

stop defending him. he's bad news, why can you not see that?

you dont get it.

i dont get it. according to you, i never 'got' it.
i knew enough to know that he was a jerk and that the violent shades
on you were his fault.

you've got to stop defending him.
i know that he hurts you, and i know that its not just the rotgut talking.
he's not right in the head, he's twisted and broken and-

you dont know, you dont understand, just fuck off would you.
you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
its not your fight to fight. just stay out of it.

you spat at me.
and your breath was short as each word collided with my face.
i didn't really feel it happen.
i just stared through you until you walked away and the slamming of the door
jarred me
and bought me back to earth.
napowrimo is almost upon us,
and this account is feeling more like home again.

i dont know if anyone is still here, but i might be less of a ghost in the coming weeks.

please bare with me, my words are incredibly new to me, i feel like i'm learning all over again.

i made this account 3 years ago the night before valentines day.
i was hurt, i was angry and i had outgrown the account before this one long before.

on this account i have grown, i have turned from a hurting and melodramatic 17 year old with a penchant
for metaphors about oceans and bruises and bones, who had too many ghosts that were mostly self inflicted into a bitter and sarcastic almost 21 year old whose muse is a dysfunctional relationship between two gay men.

some of my greatest pieces are within this account.
i've compiled two books and gotten a DD.
i made friends, fell in love, and lost almost everyone again.
most are gone now.
this place is not what it once was
(both dA, and this account)

im making a new account.

i'm starting fresh, and letting this new account speak more for who i am now, and my new writing style.
not letting the old works sit there and judge me silently.
i wont ever write that way again. its not who i am, and its not why i write anymore.
this account will new be essentially a time capsule.

you're all welcome to follow me over to weaknesses if you wish.
this place will stay up because i have too many pieces on here
that i dont have backed up elsewhere anymore.

thank you, and goodnight :)
napowrimo is almost upon us,
and this account is feeling more like home again.

i dont know if anyone is still here, but i might be less of a ghost in the coming weeks.

please bare with me, my words are incredibly new to me, i feel like i'm learning all over again.



ohsparrowsong's Profile Picture
i am not as heavy as i once was.

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hand-written pieces.
you know the drill. Shoot me a note in response to the poem you'd like me to write. I usually put a little letter or water colour painting in with the mail I send you.

All poetry from my gallery is acceptable, anything with a bit of length (more than a a hundred or so words) we can discuss :heart:


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